Friday, May 1, 2015

Gone girl... a page turner it was not.

Last October, the movie Gone Girl was showing in theatres. Seen the trailer a few times, wasn't sure of what the story was about apart from the obvious fact, a girl is gone.... The movie featured Ben Affleck as the main character and Tyler Perry. Now wait a minute...they peeked my interest, I have never seen Tyler Perry in any movie other than the ones he produces/direct. Now am planning to watch this, already got a few friends to agree to watch it.

Fast forward a few days and it's my birthday, I unwrapped my presents and I find this

Gone Girl by Gillan Flynn

This is my first time ever writing a book review but I thought it will be a great way to get my thoughts on books I read. 

Synopsis of the book:

Former New York residents Nick and Amy Dunne move to North Carthage, Missouri after losing their jobs in the economic downturn. Everything seems okay, although Amy is having a bit of a hard time getting use to how small town work. Nick is reunited with his sister Go  and running the newest watering hole, The Bar . It is their fifth wedding anniversary and Nick is not really looking forward to Amy's anniversary ritual of clues and presents but this time something is different. Amy is gone... disappeared. The investigation begins as secrets are revealed and lies are uncovered. Is Amy missing or dead? Is Nick the killer?

What I like about the book:

I like the book cover, really appreciated not getting the bookcover with the actors from the movie on the front ( I cannot stand when publishers do that!). I think it looks clean and fits the theme of the book. The writing style with the chapters written like diary entries only featuring the two main characters is different and interesting perspective. The story is very different from anything that I have ever read before and was not at all predictable.  The characters were well rounded I felt and very much realistic; you loved and hated them all at the same time.

What I did not like about this book:

It took me three months to finish reading this book and I almost could not believe it took me that long to read. It wasn't a difficult read per se but it was definitely not the page turner I was told it was.  Found the pace quite slow and I felt the book only started to pick up after the middle of the book.

Would I recommend this book:

Yes I would.  For me I would probably not read it again like I usually do with books that I enjoy.



Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Morning musing...

True success comes from and when you are your true self.

   Being your true self, what does that mean? How do you find that? your true self?

That's the question...

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Natural hair stages

                                                                                 image via

Stumbled across this illustration and could not resist the urge to caption it

Stage 1: OMG, what did I do? I look like a boy and these earrings are so not helping.

Stage 2: hmmm this my natural hair sef when will it grow

Stage 3:Looking FABULOUS!

Stage 4: Yeah it is all mine.

Currently in stage 2, can't wait to reach stage 4, looking forward to stage 3.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Happy Earth day, Everyday

                                                                                                       image via pinterest                                    

Yesterday, April 22nd was Earth day. Who knew, not I for sure, yesterday was the first time I ever recognized the day. Earth hour, I know about but not Earth day. All the same I decided to embrace it and find out more on how to mark the day. One thing I did was read a survey and educate myself on ecotriva from this website below

A few tips, I learned and would like to work on include:

1. Unplug electrical appliance when not in use, from laptops to kettles to toasters. This will not only be earth friendly but save me money. That I can definitely get on board with ( smile)

2. Keep my showers short and quick, especially as I already take too long and use up too much water on days I wash my hair. 

3.Keeping car idling to a minimum.  A minimum, as this cannot be help sometimes due to our cold Canadian weather. However a great tip/eye opener I learnt was the fact the car is idling when in a drive through, going forward, I will park the car and walk into the restaurant.

4. Stop being lazy and go out of my way if need be to recycle. This will require some effort especially in places where recycling facilities are not readily available but I am now more willing look or ask for a recycling bin.

5. Use less disposables. From fashion, to packaging to cleaning materials, our society tends to lean towards disposables, disposables that end up in landfills. I plan to learn, investigate and use other alternatives. For example, purchasing more classical fashion of good quality fabric that would not need to be tossed out after a few wears, using cloth napkins and less paper towels, using actual plates and less Styrofoam, taking my re-usable bag to the grocery store etc.

Ideas for the future

- Plant a garden. A garden instead of a backlawn, one that is a rock garden that consist of food crops in rotation to keep the soil healthy and mixed in with some flowers of course.
- Would love to own a home with energy saving features and possibly a solar panel. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Words to live by....

Valentine's day just went by, a day to share love or express love in different ways that the media, the world encourages, influences and in some cases dictates that we do. As much as there are so many people out there taking part in the festivities, there was so many others hating on the holiday.

All the blog posts and vlogs on valentine 's day outfit,events  for couples and singles in the city got me thinking. What is all this about? in one word HAPPINESS! We are all looking for love for many reasons, the underlining cause is HAPPINESS. We do it all to be happy and that I think that is admirable.

Like most times, when I feel inspired, I went looking for happiness quotes. Here are a few that I found that resonated with me.

Happiness: a calm awareness of the present moment, of sensation, consciousness, thoughts, and perception.

Everyone has a different idea of happiness. Follow your own path, not someone else's.

A loving family and friends....... that's happiness.

Be happy you're alive!

Happiness is a natural outcome of being able to be oneself

Make happiness your goal, and do whatever it takes to achieve it.

All photos cutesy of Pinterest

Happy Valentine

All images courtesy of pinterest